What are LED neon signs made of?

Our LED neon signs are made from pure silicone material, and are mounted on high A grade 5mm thick good quality acrylic as backing. 


Do LED Neon signs consume a lot of Energy?  

Our LED neon signs produce relatively no heat, are energy-efficient, and are less expensive compared to traditional glass tube neon. LED neon signs look almost identical to traditional neon ones but are much more flexible which in turn help us get a lot of customisation into your designs. One other important advantage of LED neon signs is that its colours can be changed, and a variety of effects and patterns can be programmed into the product.


Can you use LED Neon signs outdoors?

Yes, we can produce waterproof versions for outdoor events and for outdoor permanent installation. Please specify that you’d like your sign to be made for the outdoors when you submit your custom order inquiry. 


What’s the typical lead time for custom orders?

Our lead times are 16 days on average, from point of payment to delivery. Pls be noted, production time is 2- 4 days not included weekend.  


How do you power the LED neon signs?

All of our signs connect directly into a standard power socket (with a plug that’s specific to the country you’re shipping to) and it comes with a 12V transformer.


How long do LED neon signs last?

LED neon lights tend to last a minimum of 20,000 hours. That is equivalent to 10 years if you turn on an LED neon sign for 10 hours per day. This lifespan is 3 times longer than traditional gas neon signs. Normally if there is a problem it’s usually the transformer that fails, however these are replaceable items and we can supply replacements if necessary, and if within the warranty period.


Does it require any maintenance?

Not at all. LED is environmentally friendly and maintenance free.



What’s the length of the power cord?

The cord connecting the LED neon sign to the dimmer box is 1.5meters (5ft) long and is encased with a clear coating. There is an additional 0.7 meters (2.3ft) of cord connecting the dimmer box to the power adapter, and another 0.7 meter (2.3ft) connecting the power adapter to your plug. In total it’s nearly 3 meters (4.6ft) from the LED neon sign to your power plug.


How safe are LED neon signs?

Our LED neon signs are only 12V so run at a much safer voltage than traditional neon. Because of its low output voltage, no heat will be generated on the outer surface even after long hours of operation.



What does the warranty cover?

We offer a 12 month guarantee on materials and workmanship on all of our LED neon signs. However, this guarantee does not extend to any damage that may occur as a result of incorrect installation or physical damage during usage.


Do you ship worldwide?

Yes! We can ship absolutely anywhere, and all signs for Free Shipping. 


What are the colours available?

We have a total of 10 colours:

  • Pink
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Ice Blue
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Cool White
  • Warm White


We custom all sizing signs, small size ( 20in-60in )ship by air, bigger size and bulk order can  be arranged ship by sea door to door. 

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